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Regulation and Subscription


Participation is open to all lovers of two wheels and to all types of bicycles, including "pedal assisted" (EBike)

You participate in total autonomy along the routes of the stage, at your preferred speed and pace. The roads are obviously open to traffic and the highway code is in force.

Participants follow the “day” route following on own device, the gpx trak downloavle from the site gabiccemarebike.it

The organization provides Gold members with an assistance and recovery service in the event of breakdowns or mechanical problems www.gabiccemarebike.it

The routes have been selected from among the most fascinating, pleasant and panoramic in the area: they generally have intermediate gradients and are usually characterized by little traffic. However, there is no lack of challenging and "mangy" climbs

There are no dirt sections but maximum attention is recommended, especially in sections where the asphalt has holes or cracks.


"DIGITAL" Strava Contest Mode

The cyclist signs up for the Contest through their Strava account.
The departure of each stage is autonomous "French style", it follows the arrows or the Gpx track, considering that it must return to Gabicce and close the stage by 19:00

  • In Zone Start activates the recording of the track on your device
  • He travels the stage with his favorite times and rhythm
  • Once back in Gabicce Mare, the track in the Finish area "closes"
If you don't have a Strava account, you can still create a free one when signing up


It is possible to pre-register by consulting the forms on this link.


They must be sent to the organization and can also be made at the secretariat on Friday from 2.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

Free BASIC participation provides

  • Participation booklet
  • Water and salt supply at the stopovers
  • Small refreshment at the end of the stage

GOLD participation € 25 provides

  • Participation booklet
  • Water and salt supply at the stopovers
  • Small refreshment at the end of the stage
  • Registration for the contest, the ranking and the awards ceremony
  • Participation in the "King of the Mountain"
  • Certificate of participation by completing at least 5 out of 7 courses
  • Recovery service in case of mechanical problems

GOLD participation Free for cyclists who are guests of the Partner Hotels


All cyclists who have completed at least 5 of the 7 routes are rewarded with a certificate of participation, local products and a Limited Edition bottle of wine. Special prizes for those who do 6/7 and 7/7

Team participation: you can also participate in the "Team" ranking the Team they belong to, must be declared at the time of registration and can be of any nature: eg Team Hotel Capri made up of all members of the hotel: each cyclist who completes at least 3 of the 7 routes also converts his score to the internal team

Example: 10 Participants of the Team Hotel Capri
5 makes 7/7 = 5x7 = 35 points
2 is 6/7 = 6x2 = 12 points
3 makes 3/7 = 3x3 = 9 points
Total TEAM HOTEL CAPRI: 56 points

Extra points are earned by participating in the Queen Stage and King of the Mountain

The Challenge to the Pirate

During the Regina stage, you will reach the village of Carpegna: if you decide to climb to the top of Mount Carpegna (6.5km 10.5% average), challenging the hairpin bends dear to Pantani, we will reward you during the final Friday evening.
To check your "challenge", take a selfie in front of the giant picture of the Pirate placed at the end of the climb together with your participation book.

King of the Mountain time trial

Scheduled for Thursday afternoon, from 4 to 6:30 pm, includes the route of the Strava "GAM Crono" segment from Gabicce (SS16 junction) to Gabicce Monte: whoever sets the best time will be awarded during the final Friday evening



The organizers will be exempt from any responsibility, for themselves and their collaborators, for accidents or damage to people or things, which may occur before, during and after the event. All cyclists must comply with the rules established by the highway code.

The program during the week could be subject to changes for reasons beyond the control of the organizers.

Where We Are

Viale della Vittoria 105
61011 - Gabicce Mare (PU)

Our headquarters is located at the Palazzo del Turismo in Gabicce Mare.


For further information please contact us!

​Our booking center, is available for any information.
To know all the information related to the International Bicycle Touring Week, the offers and the hotels of Gabicce Mare, contact our information office.​

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Gabicce Mare (PU)