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Important Message

Dear Sports Friend,
the organizing committee met to decide on the dates of the Rainbow Cycling Weeks: we speak "in the plural" because it was decided to organize, for this 2021, 2 Rainbow Weeks:
.. the Rainbow week "Summer" from 5th to 12th June
.. the Rainbow week "Autumn" from 11 to 18 September
For obvious reasons, unfortunately, the "Spring" week was skipped, which was scheduled from 3 to 10 April.
Within these Weeks, all the events and collateral activities of the program will be active, and we invite you to contact us right now to register.

Angelo Serra

Where We Are

Viale della Vittoria 105
61011 - Gabicce Mare (PU)

Our headquarters is located at the Palazzo del Turismo in Gabicce Mare.


For further information please contact us!

​Our booking center, is available for any information.
To know all the information related to the International Bicycle Touring Week, the offers and the hotels of Gabicce Mare, contact our information office.​

Viale della Vittoria 105 - 61011
Gabicce Mare (PU)