International Bicycle Touring Weeks

An Easter in the saddle regenerating the body, surprising the eye and marveling the palate!

Gabicce Mare is synonymous with hospitality and friendliness. The bicycle in these places is the perfect means of transport that allows you to discover and tell stories, leaping from one town to another amidst culture and food and wine. The International Cycling Week, scheduled from 28 March to 4 April, is the right occasion that encompasses all these peculiarities in a handful of days. Seven in fact, where cyclists need think of nothing but enjoying Easter 2024 on their bikes.

Easter with whoever you want

Seven days, to discover the magnificent Marche region and its beauties, seven wonderful out-of-town trips that have been planned for participants: they will cover from 46 to 90 kilometres, with stops where it will be possible to taste the many typical products of the hinterland. Not only cyclists, but also companions and family members, who for the duration of their stay will be able to visit the beauty of the area looked after by guides. 
The International Cycling Week has a real history, made of passion and two wheels. Enthusiasts from all over Europe and beyond… There are French, Belgians, Dutch, Germans, British, Swedes, but also guests from Canada and the United States. Italians are obviously present and in large numbers.

A town for cycling

Six months a year, the most beautiful villages bordering the first town in the Marche region that invented cycling tourism, are visited by cyclists from all over the world. Gabicce Mare deserves to be discovered. It is not only the destination of the famous International Cycling Week, which has been held at Easter time for no less than 40 years, but also one of the best equipped holiday destinations for lovers of sport, wellness, and food and wine.
For the occasion, the seven stages will touch the most famous and fascinating roads that have also written a few pages in the cycling of the Greats and have hosted the training sessions of champions such as Marco Pantani. The stages proposed for the 2024 edition will be: Montefabbri, Monte San Bartolo Natural Park, Montecalvo in Foglia, Maiolo, Gallo di Petriano, Urbino and Tour of the Villages and Castles (Montefiore Conca/Mondaino)

Space for competition

Cycling is often a symptom of well-being and relaxation. Every cyclist, however, knows that riding faster than someone else conceals a feeling of joy and satisfaction. That is why during the International Cycling Week there will also be small competitions and a large overall ranking that will feed and amicably mark the seven scheduled days.
There will be the “Colombarone-Gabicce Monte” time trial with the award ceremony for the winners with the participation of your editorial staff and partner companies and suppliers. Or even some more unusual stages such as the San Giovanni in Marignano gravel roads. We try to make the week as varied and complete as possible to make it clear that in Gabicce you can do anything and everything on two wheels.

Meetings and festivals

Once you get off the saddle, the support and organisation does not stop. There will in fact be several appointments to address technical topics and moments of in-depth analysis on the world of cycling. From the evening dedicated to nutrition, to moments of awareness-raising. There will also be moments of celebration and entertainment, always strictly organized to provide opportunities for light-heartedness and conviviality.
There will be meetings throughout the days. For example, there is the one with the physiotherapist, who will explain the importance of this figure and all the precautions that a cyclist must take into account for good physical fitness. There will be the appointment with safety, nutrition, wellness and festive moments. An organisation that encompasses the whole day.

Also for families

The International Cycling Week will also be the occasion for the 4th edition of "Excursions and guided tours in the villages, hamlets and stage castles". A programme for companions and all tourists on holiday at Easter, who for whatever reason do not cycle. Every morning, after the cyclists' departure, a shuttle bus will take them to the various locations and wait for them in the villages where they will stop. A gastronomic tasting of typical products will be offered here. The programme also includes a cultural, historical and scenic tour of the area




30 Mars

Casteldimezzo (Parco Naturale San Bartolo)

31 Mars

Montecalvo in Foglia

1 Avril


2 Avril

Gallo di Petriano

3 Avril


4 Avril

Tour dei Borghi e Castelli (Montefiore Conca/Mondaino)

5 Avril


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